I can be reached via email contact@skinfaxe.dk.

I am based around Silkeborg, Denmark.

Hourly rate: 500 DKK

A note on GDPR
All information will of course be handled confidentially. That is the nature of the advisory game.
In respect of the Danish laws of data protection, I observe the following practices:

Emails and documents I have produced for customers are kept for one month after the completion of the assignment in case we need to make adjustments. After that, all emails and materials are deleted from my inbox and the Deleted mail folder.

I call on my customers not to include sensitive data about individuals, however, I respect that it is unavoidable in some cases where I need background information in order to write the best message. When this is necessary, I expect to receive this information via encrypted mails or similar methods.

I use no third party partners or anyone else to go through my material.

As for my website: I like to eat cookies (especially the chocolate chips ones), but I don’t have any on my website. Don’t need them.
There is a statistics tool on One.com, and they have their backs covered in terms of GDPR.